Saturday, May 9, 2015


It’s been an excess of blessings this week!  I have had the joy of working with my dear friend, actress, artist and philanthropist Jane Seymour, and had the honor of preparing a young NYC woman for a portrait and party on the occasion of her Quinceanera, the traditional Spanish celebration of a young woman’s fifteenth birthday.   Transitioning from Thais’ photo shoot to Jane’s Mother’s Day press junket for Kay Jewelers and the Open Heart Foundation the next day, I was awed by the juxtaposition.  Although Thais Garcia has just turned 15, and Jane Seymour is 64, I am sure you can see the similarity between the photos of the women (and not just me futzing with them!)  They both embody timeless, ageless beauty.  

I have worked with the most beautiful women in the world for decades, some famous, some not.  If there is one thing I have learned, it is what makes a woman’s beauty timeless.   For many women, this is a huge concern.   They spend years and thousands and thousands of dollars on plastic surgery trying to create or preserve an ideal of beauty, but they end up like a cat chasing their own tail.  The secret to real beauty is in Jane’s and Thais’ joyful smiles, and the spirited joie de vivre mirrored in their eyes.   With almost a fifty-year difference in age, their light shines through.

Part of this stems from being authentic.  Jane has not had any plastic surgery, a conscious decision
that allows her to play any role on screen and in life, and inspires millions of women worldwide.  Alternatively, in a world of high expectations for a young woman, Thais knows how to not try too hard to look beautiful.  Her skin is flawless, so she never has to use foundation.  Don’t get me wrong---it’s not like these women are the patron saints of plain!  They know how to rock what they got.  Jane’s hair is warmed to perfection by her hair colorist Marie Ferro, while Thais smoothes her hair with keratin treatment, but once the base of the hair is established, it doesn’t take much to style.

Jane Seymour is known for her gorgeous long tresses!  For her hair, I first dried with a blow dryer, then sprayed Phyto Volume Actif Volumizing Spray just at the roots, working Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray through the rest of the hair and setting in Velcro rollers.  Once her makeup was done, I removed the rollers then had Jane tip her head, allowing the curls to cascade downward.  I worked my hands through the scalp like a massage, loosening the set just at the roots without pulling out the curls.  After a classic hair flip, voila! Open Heart waves! For Thais, I also kept it simple, blowing out her hair, giving it a bit of a dry shaping with a trim, then putting in a little wave for movement with a curling iron.  I hardly put on any makeup for her sitting---just a little mascara, blush and lipgloss.  When I saw how perfectly even her skin was, I knew she didn’t need any concealer or foundation.  It’s important to know when to say no.  Basta beauty!

It’s a different story when it comes to appearing on HDTV.  Everyone needs to enhance their skin when faced with filming for television. Jane’s secret is Eve Pearl’s Invisible Finish Powderless Powder.  It’s a compact that looks like a peachy cream, but it goes on transparent and sets like a powder, diminishing pores and keeping makeup in place.  This is another situation when just a little goes a long way.  The silicone in the product goes on sheer, allowing Jane’s own flawless skin to show through.  Beware of too much silicone, however; skin or hair care products primarily composed of dimethicone are like the Twinkies of beauty products---they look good, but have no real nutritional value.  And they will live in your product graveyard drawer for eons.

If there were any other lesson I learned about ageless beauty, it would be to remain age-appropriate.  In a time where anyone can expose everything to everyone, discretion and propriety have real allure and cache.   Look how Jane smolders discreetly in her ruched taffeta, while Thais refrains from TMI in her casual jeggings and black leather jacket.

Thais is celebrating what her cultural heritage considers her emergence into womanhood, while Jane Seymour has been celebrating her womanhood for almost fifty years, yet the essence of their beauty is so similar.  It goes back to their authenticity.   Jane Seymour has remained true to herself and her artistic gifts, giving back in return through her work with the Open Heart Foundation.   Thais is looking at the world with fresh wonder and inspiration.

Beauty is about remaining fresh and inspired, with every new day, or even with every breath.  It is derived from being who you are, in the core of your spirit, retaining what you come into this world with and developing it without becoming jaded.  When you harden yourself to world and don’t allow yourself to become inspired, you become sour grapes inside, and look like it on the outside as well.  Look on any tabloid cover, and you will see that result.

That is the beauty of remaining open and in the moment.  It was truly a blessing to spend time with these two timeless beauties.  I know I will remain inspired for a long time to come!

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