Monday, March 17, 2014

Goodbye Giving Good Head, Hello….

Gad Cohen Hair Blog
When I first decided to write a blog, I wanted its title to reflect the phenomena that was occurring in my hair studio.  When I am finished with a client, whether I have done cut, color, style, makeup, whatever, they are always in a better head space. Some have called it “The Gad Effect,” because I focus on that what is going on inside the client when they are in the chair, and how to create a better internal environment for them so they will look and feel their best.  So, when I was rummaging through different ideas for a blog name, the title Giving Good Head seemed both funny and accurate, in a beauty sense. The word head, to me, connotes both mind and hair, and the two are inextricably linked to each other.  By mindfully working on and creating beautiful hair for my clients, I was putting people in a good head space.  And, it had a sense of humor.  I knew that it was a double entendre, but I thought we all are evolved enough to see beyond that to what I truly meant.   

Well, as it ends up, the joke was on me.  Since starting the blog, I had respected friends in the media who politely mentioned that while they loved the blog, they couldn’t name it or give a link to to their readers, for fear of offending them.  When you are talking about reaching a million young women, this is a very understandable concern.  While I knew my mind wasn’t in the gutter, there was a chance that someone else might not think that way.

So, after a lot of thought, I am saying goodbye to the name Giving Good Head, and renaming my blog Decorum Head.  To me, the word decorum says it all when it comes to my approach to beauty.  Literally, it means propriety and good taste in conduct or appearance, which, to me, is what having true style is all about.   We live in an indecorous time right now; reality shows and all-too-real news flashes remind us of some ugly truths.  We are forced to focus on things that are scandalous and provoking, but not in a mindful way.  That’s where the beauty and magic of decorum comes in.  It is the diametric opposite to scandal and provocation.  It connotes tremendous centeredness, a confidence and understanding of one’s true worth.  My intention and my mission has always been to impart this.  I believe that a good haircut can take away whatever is impeding the mind and soul from its true grace and spirit.   This in turn imparts the ability to share that good spirit with others.  It’s about creating balance within so that you are filled with enough goodness to share with others.  

I feel particularly blessed that this change is coming just as we are approaching spring.  Now, you and I can go forward here with an enlivened spirit and fresh ideas.  So, goodbye Giving Good Head, although I will always chuckle when I hear that name   I mean, my mind isn’t in the gutter.  Is yours? 

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