Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Don’t Let Your Mirror Become a Pain in the Glass

self acceptance
Recently, Dr. Oz jumped out as a surprise guest at a small press party, pointed to himself and proclaimed that 60 is the new 40,  a friend told me.  She was even more surprised because he looked, well, 60.  But just this week, Jennifer Anniston told WWD  that she gets annoyed when people tell her she looks great for her age, pointing out that women celebrities always have an age line after their name, like Jennifer Anniston, 45.  Could you imagine if we all had to do that?  If you look 30 when you are 50, then great, but if you don’t, you shouldn’t have to apologize.  Terms like “ageless beauty” and “age defying” belong on a jar, not on a person.  There is no such thing as ageless beauty, and why should we have to defy our age?  

When we look in the mirror, we should see our strengths, not focus on what we perceive to be our flaws.  The truth is, not even twenty-year-olds on magazine covers really look like that.   I work in the beauty industry, so I understand.  People tend to use the way they look as their brand, how they define themselves to the world.  But there’s something to be said about accepting yourself at the age you are.  I mean, we don’t have an expiration date like a quart of milk.   Some people start to feel panicky when they see the first wrinkle and will try skin care or even cosmetic surgery to hold back the tsunami of aging.   But there is no magic bullet to take 20 years off your face in a cream or jar.  And I think the scissors can be better (and less costly!) than the scalpel in that a really good hair cut can take years off your looks.  Ultimately, it’s better to feel 30 than to look 30.  But as far as 50 is the new 30?  It’s just a saying, just like red is the new black and pink is the navy of India.    Cheers!

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