Thursday, March 14, 2013

It's Time For Rose Gold

rose gold watch, rose gold nail
The rose gold effect is hot and trending at the moment. From luxury jewelry to nails rose gold is in demand. Rose gold blonde is a desired hair color for women. As we age, we find ourselves wanting to recapture the youthful color we once had at the age of 12. To achieve this fresh and vibrant image, hair should look like it was spun gold- it shouldn't look like you spent time in a salon or it came out of a box. The final color should look like a blonde mélange with lighter shades of blonde where the light hits it most. The golden strands will keep your skin looking warm and young; whereas ash colored hair can look drab and aging.  

Nothing is more feminine than rose gold makeup. It will flatter your complexion by keeping it warm and fresh. To achieve this look use a shade of luminator that has a rose gold tint. Add to your cheeks, eye lids or lips for a dewy glow. As a highlighter apply a tinted moisturizer with flecks of rose gold to your shoulders and collar bone.

The elegant feel of rose gold attracts those who are drawn to the warmth of the sun. Metallics can make you look very cheap if not worn appropriately- even if it is an expensive item. However, if rose gold is worn with decorum, it can give you a look of stateliness. The combination of copper and yellow gold allows this unique alloy to compliment any outfit. From earrings to rings to phone covers, everyone is indulging in this trend. In lieu of rings and bracelets, dress up your hands with rose gold nails.   

Whether you choose to apply or wear it, a dusting of rose gold will keep you looking warm. 

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