Friday, February 8, 2013

The Face of the Future

The Face of the Future

Get your face ready.

Whether you are attending the red carpet or going to a special event you want to put your best face forward.  Our skin is our largest organ, therefore it is important that we seek treatments and expertise that vibrate the same frequency that is cohesive to our own energy. Whatever we apply, we ingest; therefore, we must trust the products and procedures we are using will not only beautify us, but center us as well.

I recently payed a visit to the "Facialist to the Stars" aka my good friend, Tracie Martyn. It's no secret Tracie and her team work miracles. Her legendary ground breaking techniques and healing abilities will transform you. The Tracie Martyn facial is not the facial of yesteryear's, this facial will make you look younger, and feel rejuvenated. It's a futuristic treatment that energizes the skin, defines the jaw line, lifts cheekbones - eye lids too.

When I first arrived I spent 15 minutes in her H.G. Wells time machine. When I get into this Ruby Red light it affects my root chakra all the way up to my crown chakra. I find myself in a meditative state. After laying in the Ruby Read, your in Tracie's hands where she gingerly works on your skin. By using her abilities she customizes your facial by cleansing away the residual past. The result is astonishing. I want to freeze frame the way I look when she is done.

For people who have had procedures, these treatments could only make you feel more natural. For others who embrace their natural self and want to look good without using a scalpel or injectables, Tracie Martyn and her team clearly accomplished the efficacy we all aspire to look like.

Whenever I leave Tracie Martyn's sanctuary I feel calm, clean, and youthful. For me that is priceless.  In a word where there is so many products, that even myself who has been in the beauty business for 35 years, I find them simple and effective. The compliments I receive about my skin speaks volumes of her products and techniques.

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