Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The 3 C's for Ageless Hair

Remember the 3 C's -  Cut, Color, Condition

You're a diamond in the rough, so pay attention to the 3 C's -- fundamentals for ageless beauty.

Cut: You're looking for polished hair without the fuss! The cut determines the style, and for women of a certain age, it's important to have a haircut that is age-appropriate. You don't have to sacrifice length; go no longer than the collar bone with imperceptible layers around the face.

Timeless Beauty - Jaclyn Smith

Color: Like makeup, hair color should never deviate too far from your natural coloring. Go to a professional, because you don't want to risk any mistakes. For those with yellow undertones, avoid the reds; for pale skin with blue and/or red undertones, go for some red to warm up skin. Blond on blond can look youthful without being over-processed, so go lighter on top and darker underneath for a youthful "sun-kissed" look. Hair color should enhance the color of your skin. 

Condition: Conditioning the hair will make the color and cut look polished and healthy, and therefore younger. Use good quality shampoo and conditioner appropriate for your hair type (color-treated, dry, etc.). At least once a month, treat your hair, especially during the colder months when the hair and scalp are prone to dryness.

Last but not least - color your eyebrows, which fade and gray with age. So give your brows some attention, and alleviate the need for the eyebrow pencil!

The Iconic Supermodel - Carmen Dell'Orefice

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