Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Seamless Makeup

Tips and tricks to look naturally beautiful without looking made up.

Use a foundation which not only covers, but hydrates the skin without creating a mask. As we mature, our skin tones become uneven, so look for translucent coverage.

Tip: Apply foundations with your fingers, not a sponge. Don't forget your neck - it's attached!


If your eyes are your biggest asset, play them up with creamy shadows in gray/charcoal tones - blend with the fingers for a smoky look. Add a bit of liner at the base of the lashes. Don't forget to curl the lashes, and then apply a good quality black mascara.

Tip: Do eyes first to avoid messing up your foundation with smudges and you won't need as much concealer. 

Trick: Get rid of dark circles with a yellow-based concealer. La Prairie has several concealers for different skin types.

Tip: Use creamy blush (no powders). Only apply on the apples of the cheeks. For mature skin, (for contour and a finished glow) apply a light dusting of Guerlain bronzer - but avoid iridescence or sparkles.

Tip: For thinner lips, use a bit more color;  for symmetrical/fuller lips, use a pencil to keep the lipstick from bleeding. For a sheer look, use the same color pencil as your lip and add a tinted gloss for the extra sheen. Lips are the only place for a hint of iridescence.

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