Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hair Technology

What is the 411 on Keratin Treatments?

I have been doing Keratin treatments for years and can say without a doubt that the demand for them is greater than ever. Past Kertain treatments contained formaldehyde, but since the FDA has removed this toxic chemical, Keratin is a sought after de-frizzing procedure that gives hair a shiny and smooth finish. 
Keratin treatments, Japanese straightening, and Brazilian blowouts are all popular because they last longer than the typical blow out. But, while Japanese straightening and Brazilian blowouts actually burn the cortex of the hair, leaving it looking straw-like and lifeless, Keratin treatments leave hair conditioned, shiny, and polished. Keratin is the protein naturally found in hair, so these treatments enhance the natural look of hair. While the hair grows, the roots will blend in with the treated hair - as opposed to the kinky or wavy roots of hair that's been chemically straightened by other treatments. Keratin treatments last anywhere from 3-6 months, and they won't compromise the condition of the hair. Plus, Keratin-treated hair stands up well to humidity, and chlorine water. It's a procdure that can be done as needed and will free you from being a slave to your hair. 
What's even better about Keratin treatments is that they are customizable - keratin comes in different strengths, with varying levels of the chemicals. So bangs, the framing pieces around the face, and the body of the hair can all be individually treated to achieve the desired look. Women don't have to blow out their hair daily to have the look they desire - whether it's straight, wavy, or curly. Nothing is worse than spending precious time in the bathroom blowing out and straightening hair only to walk outside in a humid environment and have it rise to a "foamy" frizz. 
Keratin is by far the best hair technology available that has "wash and wear" written all over it. 

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