Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hair For The Age of Aquarius

Before the full moon, be sure to have scissors in hand with the intention of full, voluminous fabulous hair. If you don't need a haircut just dust the tips of your hair with scissors. The full moon in Leo will bring FABULOUS results!!

Gad Cohen Full Moon Hair
Gad Cohen's Full Moon Hair

You will start feeling the upcoming full moon in Leo on Friday, January 25th. The 26th will be an auspicious day because the moon will be full in Leo and the Sun will be entering Aquarius. For those who are not in the know in terms of astro, Leo is the "mane" that gives you strength. It has the "Samson effect". Aquarius rules the mind. The bumper sticker would say "I love humanity but it's people that I don't like."

This full moon will represent the eye in the heart. Which means stop thinking and start feeling. When we feel, everything flows, starting from your hair to your toes.

If you have any interests in looking beautiful and using astrology as barometer to your astro beauty guide, I'M YOUR GUY. Check back regularly for astro beauty tips. If you have any inquires, feel free to comment or email.

BTW...I’m a Cancer with Capricorn rising and a Leo Moon. A stellium of Leo planets in the 8th house of transformation...

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