Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Big Bang Theory

Timeless Bangs

"It Girl Bangs"
"Hollywood Bangs"

"Editorial Bangs"
"Paris Bangs"


Bangs in lieu of Botox. They cover your forehead: no need for botox or even foundation...
Bangs frame your eyes. Yes, they make your eyes pop. BANGS ARE MAKEUP.
Bangs create the most important part of your face. The front part of the hair is the most important part. That is what everyone else sees.
Bangs can create a curtain effect. They forgivingly cover your furrow all the way down to your crows feet when they are cut framing the eyes.
Bangs swept aside. It's a classic, from Audrey Hepburn to Reese Witherspoon: every celeb and model who wants to look like a TCM star.
Bangs are a commitment. What isn't? Enjoy them while they last. Embrace the growing process.
Bangs keep you young. Channel the little girl in you.
Bangs are classic. From Louise Brooks to Anna Wintour to Katie Holmes, and the list goes on..
Bangs easy come, easy go. Today you can buy bangs and wear them for the night as a clip on. Here today gone tomorrow.
Do bangs work for me? YOU can always make them work if you customize them. If Michelle Obama did it, you can!
Should I do bangs? Absolutely! They look great with a ponytail and down, while working out,  dressing up or dressing down.

"Swept Bangs"
"Bob Banngs"

"Loose Bangs"
"Fabulous Fake"

Sunday, January 27, 2013

SAG Awards- And The Winner IS...

I've noticed that no matter what their age, women LOVE their long locks. There is nothing that makes a women feel better than having her hair at the right length. When a woman feels her fabulous hair caressing her skin, she senses her femininity and power. This is a feeling that exists within the collective consciousness of women everywhere. Hair is your most important accessory! All of the nominees at the 2013 SAG Awards have a common thread - they are multifaceted women with a tremendous amount of talent and manes that deserves a diva fan. Out of all the nominees in their categories, I predict the women below are the winners...

Outstanding Performance By A Female Actor In A Leading Role
Jennifer Lawrence, Silver Linings Playbook

Outstanding Performance By A Female Actor In A Supporting Role
Sally Field, Lincoln

Outstanding Performance By A Female Actor In A Drama Series
Claire Danes, Homeland

Outstanding Performance By A Female Actor In A Television Movie Or Miniseries
Julianne Moore, Game Change

Friday, January 25, 2013

How to Eliminate Static Hair

Bounce your way out of static hair...

Working with models under hot lights, where every hair is visible, controlling static is key. There's nothing on the market that really controls static for hair. I've used  Schwarzkopf  products before, but the only tried and true remedy is a Bounce dryer sheet. Seriously! Just graze it over the hair very gently and it works! It's been my secret weapon in the salon and on photo shoots. No mass-market hair-care product works as well as this.  

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hair For The Age of Aquarius

Before the full moon, be sure to have scissors in hand with the intention of full, voluminous fabulous hair. If you don't need a haircut just dust the tips of your hair with scissors. The full moon in Leo will bring FABULOUS results!!

Gad Cohen Full Moon Hair
Gad Cohen's Full Moon Hair

You will start feeling the upcoming full moon in Leo on Friday, January 25th. The 26th will be an auspicious day because the moon will be full in Leo and the Sun will be entering Aquarius. For those who are not in the know in terms of astro, Leo is the "mane" that gives you strength. It has the "Samson effect". Aquarius rules the mind. The bumper sticker would say "I love humanity but it's people that I don't like."

This full moon will represent the eye in the heart. Which means stop thinking and start feeling. When we feel, everything flows, starting from your hair to your toes.

If you have any interests in looking beautiful and using astrology as barometer to your astro beauty guide, I'M YOUR GUY. Check back regularly for astro beauty tips. If you have any inquires, feel free to comment or email.

BTW...I’m a Cancer with Capricorn rising and a Leo Moon. A stellium of Leo planets in the 8th house of transformation...

Hair With Self Esteem

As a stylist with a lifetime of experience in the hair business, "good hair" and "the perfect cut" are a reflection of someone's level of contentment with what nature has given them. To be truly satisfied (which is very rare) with one's innately curly, straight, fine or thick, frizzy hair is the mark of a fully confident and content person. To have good hair, one needs the attitude, "I wear my hair, it doesn't wear me!" You can sweep it up, wear it long, or keep it short ‐ whatever good you do for your hair will become the "good" you have in your hair.

In order to give a woman a haircut that is customized and flattering, the entire silhouette must be taken into consideration ‐ the haircut is not just determined by the face shape, but by all of you ‐ from head to toe. Hair styles should compliment your shape ‐ a customized look that accents your positives and offsets your negatives. The mark of a true stylist is someone who looks at all of you before doing any cut or color. The goal is to put the best "you" out there, and to give you a style that looks at the same time both effortless and styled.

Regardless of face shape, haircuts must be feminine and flattering! Age‐appropriate cuts and color will do as much if not more for you than Botox! Here's a quick guide to haircuts by face shape:

For the narrow face ‐ build volume with blunt cuts in key areas; try imperceptible bangs to open up the face.

For the round/square face ‐ let your hair slim your face with a single‐length cut, and a center part.

For heart shaped faces ‐ keep the narrow, angled and swept bang ‐ a throwback to Twiggy.
Keep the hair close to the head at the top, and add some volume to the bottom with waves or curls to fill out a tapered chin.

For oval faces ‐ The "layered‐bob" works well because with some wispy bangs, varied‐length pieces around the face, and more volume at the chin, it's a very flattering look, and it brings balance to your face.

Haircuts that give enough length to "graze the shoulders" are very versatile ‐the hair has length enough to move, the versatility to go up or down, and isn't too long to be a hassle.

Pixie cuts aren't for everyone. Ideally, the cut works for women who are very petite and have boyish frames. Above all, she has to have very fine, delicate and feminine facial features. Think: Jean Seberg, Mia Farrow in Rosemary's Baby, or a young Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday.

Going to the salon can be very intimidating, but it doesn't have to be. I've always recommended that my clients bring me photos ‐ I'm not looking to imitate those cuts, particularly, but I can use them as inspiration, and customize a look that suits my client's age, body shape, face shape, hair type and texture.

Let Me Introduce Myself...

"The Gad Effect," is a phrase coined by Mary MacLean, beauty editor at Glamour Magazine. It’s come to define me: I like to think of myself as the hair healer. Sandra Lee (host of Semi-Homemade) once said that G.A.D. is an acronym for Great Artistic Design. I’m an editorial / celebrity stylist with my hands in a little bit of everything: I do hair, makeup, home design, styling, and the list goes on.  

Photograph by Richard Avedon

My motto, “keep it simple, keep it sleek and chic” goes hand-in-hand with the intentions and philosophy of my work. Through cutting away the karma in the hair, I am able to create a frame for a face, body, and spirit/silhouette that raises one’s self-esteem - not just one’s ego.

My clients are my muses. When they leave my chair, they feel more like their authentic selves, with heads that turn heads.

I try to put myself into my clients skin, to sense their true inner aspirations. I’ve been told that I’m a vessel of transformation, that’s why my job is my joy.

Your hair is your antenna. When people say, "good hair day, bad hair day" - they are subconsciously using their hair as a barometer of their emotions.