Thursday, March 14, 2013

It's Time For Rose Gold

rose gold watch, rose gold nail
The rose gold effect is hot and trending at the moment. From luxury jewelry to nails rose gold is in demand. Rose gold blonde is a desired hair color for women. As we age, we find ourselves wanting to recapture the youthful color we once had at the age of 12. To achieve this fresh and vibrant image, hair should look like it was spun gold- it shouldn't look like you spent time in a salon or it came out of a box. The final color should look like a blonde m√©lange with lighter shades of blonde where the light hits it most. The golden strands will keep your skin looking warm and young; whereas ash colored hair can look drab and aging.  

Nothing is more feminine than rose gold makeup. It will flatter your complexion by keeping it warm and fresh. To achieve this look use a shade of luminator that has a rose gold tint. Add to your cheeks, eye lids or lips for a dewy glow. As a highlighter apply a tinted moisturizer with flecks of rose gold to your shoulders and collar bone.

The elegant feel of rose gold attracts those who are drawn to the warmth of the sun. Metallics can make you look very cheap if not worn appropriately- even if it is an expensive item. However, if rose gold is worn with decorum, it can give you a look of stateliness. The combination of copper and yellow gold allows this unique alloy to compliment any outfit. From earrings to rings to phone covers, everyone is indulging in this trend. In lieu of rings and bracelets, dress up your hands with rose gold nails.   

Whether you choose to apply or wear it, a dusting of rose gold will keep you looking warm. 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mindful Makeover

Mindful, Beauty

The middle of the week is a perfect excuse for a mini makeover. By Wednesday most of us are consumed with outside circumstances and the expectations of others and sometimes forget to take care of ourselves.  Applying these four key concepts to your Wednesday routine will rejuvenate both body and mind. 

BEAUTY- Tweaking and polishing your appearance will do wonders for your subconscious mind. Cut, file and apply a fresh coat of polish to your nails. Touch up your eyebrows, but don't get carried away. Condition your hair with a leave-in conditioner. Apply some self tanner for a healthy glow. 

EXERCISE- Whether it's yoga, weight training, or HIT, be sure to squeeze in at least 15 minutes. Raising your heart level, reeving your metabolism, and most importantly increasing endorphins will naturally boost your mood.

NUTRITION- Rid yourself of processed, sugar loaded foods; their immediate gratification will only backfire. Instead, opt for fresh fruits and legumes. Tea, especially fresh ginger tea is a great alternative to soda. Combine freshly grated ginger and lemon juice to a hot cup of water and volia!

MINDFUL- Spend a few quite minutes meditating on everything you are grateful for. The transformative power of giving gratitude is extremely healing. Gratitude is generated from thought. Thought is energy. When energy builds up it manifests in the form in which it is directed. 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Oscar Hair: The Long and Short of It

The stars in the sky were shinning down on the Oscar women and their magpie bling. They were beaming brighter than the stage lights. Sophistication and stateliness was combined with beauty and women-power.

From Charlize Theron's cropped cut to Jessica Chastain's long spun gold hair to everything inbetween the top looks screamed individuality...

1. Jessica Chastain was flawless in her monochromatic Oscar gold
2. Charlize Theron, the modern Greek goddess whose statuesque appearance stunned everyone. 
3. Anne Hathaway was simply sassy, unique and chic. 
4. Jane Fonda was a "neo"- classic. Everyone should draw inspiration from her.

Oscar Presence 2013

Hair: circa 30s, 40s and 60s
From cascading waves, to statuesque short hair, to Jennifer Lawrence's chingon, the Oscar women all looked outstandingly beautiful. Halle Berry made her own statement with her deco look and juxtaposed punk rock hair. Oscar hair had certainty. 

Dresses: the brighter shades of pale 
Pale hues were popular from limoges whites to buffs and pale bronze. Anne Hathaway wore a pale pink crystal champagne dress inspired by Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina. We can't forget about all the sparkle-plenty gowns that walked the red carpet: Halle Berry, Nicole Kidman, Adele, Stacy Keibler, and to top it off, Barbra Streisand beaming with a golden light from above. 

Makeup: Zoning 
The women of the night were zoning makeup. If the lips were soaked in a deep grenadine red, the eye makeup faded into a fleshy tone with lots of lashes. If the lips were pale pink and beige, the eyes faded to black. The news for men was makeup - groomed beards. 

Additional Images From The Night

Halle Berry with her deco punk hair

Reese Witherspoon with ravishing waves
Jennifer Lawrence's pulled back chingon gift wrap bun

Nicole Kidman with her soft tendreled updo

Friday, February 22, 2013

Oscar Goes Retrograde

Mercury and Saturn

When a planet goes retrograde think of any word that has a "re" in front of it: re-do, re-think (re-think your look), retreat (retreat to your inner space). This is a time to consider what things in our lives may be up for revision and review, or even what we may need to redo. In general, it is a good time to slow the busy pace of our lives. 

This year one of the most viewed award shows in the world is taking place during the retrograde of Mercury (planet of communications) and Saturn (ruler of structure). It will be interesting to see how astrological charts will play out with the winners. 

This Oscar in particular is an extremely auspicious one with all the Neptunian influences. Neptune rules dreams, illusions, and delusions.  As we all know, watching movies transports our consciousness into an altered state. All of the movies nominated this year possessed this mesmerizing effect. 

The Oscars, an event that is on everybody's lips and radar, has become a beacon of light in our vernacular. Everyone is consumed with who's going to win, what they're going to wear and how all their hard work is going to pay off. 

Neptune, Poseidon, Love
Neptune: ruler of spiritualism, higher learning, & all art in its highest form

2013 Oscars: Mindful Makeover Movies

Now, Voyager Betty DavidNo matter the era, "makeover" movies will always resonate collectively with an audience. From movies like Now, Voyager with Betty Davis who starts out as an old maid and transforms into a great lady to movies like Pretty Woman with Julia Roberts who goes from streetwalker to starlite, there is a common thread of transformation. This transformation (either physical or emotional) always seems to be very telling of the times.

Pretty Woman Julia Roberts
When you think about Now, Voyager in the 40's, the movies of that era highlight the social stigma of a spinster. The movies from the 80's go forward, such as Pretty Woman, give the audience hope with a rags to riches theme. Current movies incorporate appearences and how they affect our everyday lives.

The movies nominated for the 2013 Oscars all have a sense of transformation. In the movie Silver Linings Playbook, Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence both have personality disorders which are resolved as they become more mindful of themselves and their surroundings.  

Les Miserables Anne Hathaway
In the movie Les Miserables Anne Hathaway does a great job singing, but I feel that she was nominated by a "hair cut." 

Quvenzhan√© Wallis plays Hushpuppy, an imaginative girl living with her father in an isolated Louisiana swampland. 
Her seemly sweet and innocent character transforms into a fierce & magnetic young girl. Her performance clearly shows she is a prodigy child. 

Daniel Day Lewis gave us a Neptunian performance in Lincoln. His 
chameleon-like performance proves he is a channel to the roles he plays. He states, "the voice of the character is the finger print of the soul." 

Daniel Day Lewis, Lincoln
Sally Fields never disappoints when watching her in character. She wanted to put on weight to play Mary Todd Lincoln or as she called herself Madam President. When questioned why she couldn't just use heavy makeup and costumes, she responded by saying you have to see the weight on her face to feel the authenticity of the character. 

Sally Fields Lincoln weight gain

Last but not least, Denzel Washington's performance in Flight was riveting. His ability to tap into a very dark place is shown time and time again. Danzel is the antithesis of mindfulness. His character attains the inner transformation which we all strive for in life. We all go through very dark places in our lives, he depicted how it is possible to come clean by conveying the message that secrets are poison to the soul. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

WiFi Hair

They don't call me "Hair to the Stars for nothing"....

I have been interested in astrology for the most part of my life. It has been a tool that I have used to guide me on my quest to the truth. It's no surprise that I have combined my two interests in life: hair and astrology. Interestingly enough, I am not the only one who appreciates this unique combo. All the models and celebrities I work with share a common thread - we are all fascinated with astrology and how it can serve as a guideline to our beauty and lifestyle aspirations.

I find it very fulfilling when I am able to simultaneously work on my clients and give them a reading. It's no coincidence that I sync astrology with one's hair. Astrology is very personal, just as customizing one's hair. I like to think of astrology as a blueprint to guide me. 

When I am working on one's head I am working on the crown chakra. The crown chakra is the one that connects us to the light. It is when my client's crown chakra is close to my solar plexus that I am able to connect to their aspirations and receive the information on a deeper level. In that moment I am a conduit. I use my knowledge of astrology, along with my intuition to transform their physicality. 

For best results follow these guidelines in accordance to the Moon:

1. Chemical work: Aquarius - 1st quarter
2. Cut for growth: Cancer, Pisces - 1st, 2nd quarters
3. Cut for thickness: Taurus, Leo - 1st, 2nd quarters
4. Cut for less growth: Aries, Gemini, Virgo - 3rd, 4th quarters

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hair Technology

What is the 411 on Keratin Treatments?

I have been doing Keratin treatments for years and can say without a doubt that the demand for them is greater than ever. Past Kertain treatments contained formaldehyde, but since the FDA has removed this toxic chemical, Keratin is a sought after de-frizzing procedure that gives hair a shiny and smooth finish. 
Keratin treatments, Japanese straightening, and Brazilian blowouts are all popular because they last longer than the typical blow out. But, while Japanese straightening and Brazilian blowouts actually burn the cortex of the hair, leaving it looking straw-like and lifeless, Keratin treatments leave hair conditioned, shiny, and polished. Keratin is the protein naturally found in hair, so these treatments enhance the natural look of hair. While the hair grows, the roots will blend in with the treated hair - as opposed to the kinky or wavy roots of hair that's been chemically straightened by other treatments. Keratin treatments last anywhere from 3-6 months, and they won't compromise the condition of the hair. Plus, Keratin-treated hair stands up well to humidity, and chlorine water. It's a procdure that can be done as needed and will free you from being a slave to your hair. 
What's even better about Keratin treatments is that they are customizable - keratin comes in different strengths, with varying levels of the chemicals. So bangs, the framing pieces around the face, and the body of the hair can all be individually treated to achieve the desired look. Women don't have to blow out their hair daily to have the look they desire - whether it's straight, wavy, or curly. Nothing is worse than spending precious time in the bathroom blowing out and straightening hair only to walk outside in a humid environment and have it rise to a "foamy" frizz. 
Keratin is by far the best hair technology available that has "wash and wear" written all over it. 

Seamless Makeup

Tips and tricks to look naturally beautiful without looking made up.

Use a foundation which not only covers, but hydrates the skin without creating a mask. As we mature, our skin tones become uneven, so look for translucent coverage.

Tip: Apply foundations with your fingers, not a sponge. Don't forget your neck - it's attached!


If your eyes are your biggest asset, play them up with creamy shadows in gray/charcoal tones - blend with the fingers for a smoky look. Add a bit of liner at the base of the lashes. Don't forget to curl the lashes, and then apply a good quality black mascara.

Tip: Do eyes first to avoid messing up your foundation with smudges and you won't need as much concealer. 

Trick: Get rid of dark circles with a yellow-based concealer. La Prairie has several concealers for different skin types.

Tip: Use creamy blush (no powders). Only apply on the apples of the cheeks. For mature skin, (for contour and a finished glow) apply a light dusting of Guerlain bronzer - but avoid iridescence or sparkles.

Tip: For thinner lips, use a bit more color;  for symmetrical/fuller lips, use a pencil to keep the lipstick from bleeding. For a sheer look, use the same color pencil as your lip and add a tinted gloss for the extra sheen. Lips are the only place for a hint of iridescence.

Friday, February 8, 2013

The Face of the Future

The Face of the Future

Get your face ready.

Whether you are attending the red carpet or going to a special event you want to put your best face forward.  Our skin is our largest organ, therefore it is important that we seek treatments and expertise that vibrate the same frequency that is cohesive to our own energy. Whatever we apply, we ingest; therefore, we must trust the products and procedures we are using will not only beautify us, but center us as well.

I recently payed a visit to the "Facialist to the Stars" aka my good friend, Tracie Martyn. It's no secret Tracie and her team work miracles. Her legendary ground breaking techniques and healing abilities will transform you. The Tracie Martyn facial is not the facial of yesteryear's, this facial will make you look younger, and feel rejuvenated. It's a futuristic treatment that energizes the skin, defines the jaw line, lifts cheekbones - eye lids too.

When I first arrived I spent 15 minutes in her H.G. Wells time machine. When I get into this Ruby Red light it affects my root chakra all the way up to my crown chakra. I find myself in a meditative state. After laying in the Ruby Read, your in Tracie's hands where she gingerly works on your skin. By using her abilities she customizes your facial by cleansing away the residual past. The result is astonishing. I want to freeze frame the way I look when she is done.

For people who have had procedures, these treatments could only make you feel more natural. For others who embrace their natural self and want to look good without using a scalpel or injectables, Tracie Martyn and her team clearly accomplished the efficacy we all aspire to look like.

Whenever I leave Tracie Martyn's sanctuary I feel calm, clean, and youthful. For me that is priceless.  In a word where there is so many products, that even myself who has been in the beauty business for 35 years, I find them simple and effective. The compliments I receive about my skin speaks volumes of her products and techniques.

Tracie Martyn Products

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The 3 C's for Ageless Hair

Remember the 3 C's -  Cut, Color, Condition

You're a diamond in the rough, so pay attention to the 3 C's -- fundamentals for ageless beauty.

Cut: You're looking for polished hair without the fuss! The cut determines the style, and for women of a certain age, it's important to have a haircut that is age-appropriate. You don't have to sacrifice length; go no longer than the collar bone with imperceptible layers around the face.

Timeless Beauty - Jaclyn Smith

Color: Like makeup, hair color should never deviate too far from your natural coloring. Go to a professional, because you don't want to risk any mistakes. For those with yellow undertones, avoid the reds; for pale skin with blue and/or red undertones, go for some red to warm up skin. Blond on blond can look youthful without being over-processed, so go lighter on top and darker underneath for a youthful "sun-kissed" look. Hair color should enhance the color of your skin. 

Condition: Conditioning the hair will make the color and cut look polished and healthy, and therefore younger. Use good quality shampoo and conditioner appropriate for your hair type (color-treated, dry, etc.). At least once a month, treat your hair, especially during the colder months when the hair and scalp are prone to dryness.

Last but not least - color your eyebrows, which fade and gray with age. So give your brows some attention, and alleviate the need for the eyebrow pencil!

The Iconic Supermodel - Carmen Dell'Orefice

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Big Bang Theory

Timeless Bangs

"It Girl Bangs"
"Hollywood Bangs"

"Editorial Bangs"
"Paris Bangs"


Bangs in lieu of Botox. They cover your forehead: no need for botox or even foundation...
Bangs frame your eyes. Yes, they make your eyes pop. BANGS ARE MAKEUP.
Bangs create the most important part of your face. The front part of the hair is the most important part. That is what everyone else sees.
Bangs can create a curtain effect. They forgivingly cover your furrow all the way down to your crows feet when they are cut framing the eyes.
Bangs swept aside. It's a classic, from Audrey Hepburn to Reese Witherspoon: every celeb and model who wants to look like a TCM star.
Bangs are a commitment. What isn't? Enjoy them while they last. Embrace the growing process.
Bangs keep you young. Channel the little girl in you.
Bangs are classic. From Louise Brooks to Anna Wintour to Katie Holmes, and the list goes on..
Bangs easy come, easy go. Today you can buy bangs and wear them for the night as a clip on. Here today gone tomorrow.
Do bangs work for me? YOU can always make them work if you customize them. If Michelle Obama did it, you can!
Should I do bangs? Absolutely! They look great with a ponytail and down, while working out,  dressing up or dressing down.

"Swept Bangs"
"Bob Banngs"

"Loose Bangs"
"Fabulous Fake"

Sunday, January 27, 2013

SAG Awards- And The Winner IS...

I've noticed that no matter what their age, women LOVE their long locks. There is nothing that makes a women feel better than having her hair at the right length. When a woman feels her fabulous hair caressing her skin, she senses her femininity and power. This is a feeling that exists within the collective consciousness of women everywhere. Hair is your most important accessory! All of the nominees at the 2013 SAG Awards have a common thread - they are multifaceted women with a tremendous amount of talent and manes that deserves a diva fan. Out of all the nominees in their categories, I predict the women below are the winners...

Outstanding Performance By A Female Actor In A Leading Role
Jennifer Lawrence, Silver Linings Playbook

Outstanding Performance By A Female Actor In A Supporting Role
Sally Field, Lincoln

Outstanding Performance By A Female Actor In A Drama Series
Claire Danes, Homeland

Outstanding Performance By A Female Actor In A Television Movie Or Miniseries
Julianne Moore, Game Change

Friday, January 25, 2013

How to Eliminate Static Hair

Bounce your way out of static hair...

Working with models under hot lights, where every hair is visible, controlling static is key. There's nothing on the market that really controls static for hair. I've used  Schwarzkopf  products before, but the only tried and true remedy is a Bounce dryer sheet. Seriously! Just graze it over the hair very gently and it works! It's been my secret weapon in the salon and on photo shoots. No mass-market hair-care product works as well as this.  

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hair For The Age of Aquarius

Before the full moon, be sure to have scissors in hand with the intention of full, voluminous fabulous hair. If you don't need a haircut just dust the tips of your hair with scissors. The full moon in Leo will bring FABULOUS results!!

Gad Cohen Full Moon Hair
Gad Cohen's Full Moon Hair

You will start feeling the upcoming full moon in Leo on Friday, January 25th. The 26th will be an auspicious day because the moon will be full in Leo and the Sun will be entering Aquarius. For those who are not in the know in terms of astro, Leo is the "mane" that gives you strength. It has the "Samson effect". Aquarius rules the mind. The bumper sticker would say "I love humanity but it's people that I don't like."

This full moon will represent the eye in the heart. Which means stop thinking and start feeling. When we feel, everything flows, starting from your hair to your toes.

If you have any interests in looking beautiful and using astrology as barometer to your astro beauty guide, I'M YOUR GUY. Check back regularly for astro beauty tips. If you have any inquires, feel free to comment or email.

BTW...I’m a Cancer with Capricorn rising and a Leo Moon. A stellium of Leo planets in the 8th house of transformation...

Hair With Self Esteem

As a stylist with a lifetime of experience in the hair business, "good hair" and "the perfect cut" are a reflection of someone's level of contentment with what nature has given them. To be truly satisfied (which is very rare) with one's innately curly, straight, fine or thick, frizzy hair is the mark of a fully confident and content person. To have good hair, one needs the attitude, "I wear my hair, it doesn't wear me!" You can sweep it up, wear it long, or keep it short ‐ whatever good you do for your hair will become the "good" you have in your hair.

In order to give a woman a haircut that is customized and flattering, the entire silhouette must be taken into consideration ‐ the haircut is not just determined by the face shape, but by all of you ‐ from head to toe. Hair styles should compliment your shape ‐ a customized look that accents your positives and offsets your negatives. The mark of a true stylist is someone who looks at all of you before doing any cut or color. The goal is to put the best "you" out there, and to give you a style that looks at the same time both effortless and styled.

Regardless of face shape, haircuts must be feminine and flattering! Age‐appropriate cuts and color will do as much if not more for you than Botox! Here's a quick guide to haircuts by face shape:

For the narrow face ‐ build volume with blunt cuts in key areas; try imperceptible bangs to open up the face.

For the round/square face ‐ let your hair slim your face with a single‐length cut, and a center part.

For heart shaped faces ‐ keep the narrow, angled and swept bang ‐ a throwback to Twiggy.
Keep the hair close to the head at the top, and add some volume to the bottom with waves or curls to fill out a tapered chin.

For oval faces ‐ The "layered‐bob" works well because with some wispy bangs, varied‐length pieces around the face, and more volume at the chin, it's a very flattering look, and it brings balance to your face.

Haircuts that give enough length to "graze the shoulders" are very versatile ‐the hair has length enough to move, the versatility to go up or down, and isn't too long to be a hassle.

Pixie cuts aren't for everyone. Ideally, the cut works for women who are very petite and have boyish frames. Above all, she has to have very fine, delicate and feminine facial features. Think: Jean Seberg, Mia Farrow in Rosemary's Baby, or a young Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday.

Going to the salon can be very intimidating, but it doesn't have to be. I've always recommended that my clients bring me photos ‐ I'm not looking to imitate those cuts, particularly, but I can use them as inspiration, and customize a look that suits my client's age, body shape, face shape, hair type and texture.